Project News

Cult-CreaTE Partnership Declaration launched


A declaration on “Cultural and Creative Tourism Development based on CCIs for...

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Action Plans for CCT based on CCIs validated !


Action Plans on Cultural & Creative Tourism development based on CCIs in 8...

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Cultural Tourism Conference & Awards 2021@Cul-CreaTE


The anual ECTN Conference and Awards in 2021 includes theme "Cultural and...

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Welcome 2021 International Year of Creative Economy!


Cult-CreaTE project partnership welcomes the International Year of Creative...

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Cult-CreaTE Good Practices in PLP new Policy Brief


Good Practices of Cult-CreaTe project included in the Policy brief on...

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Call for Offers: Governance & Business Models CLOSED


Expert in Governance and Business Modes for CCT based on CCIs, toweards SME...

Type: Project

Research results on CCT by CCIs for policy making


Identification, exploitation and application of available relevant research...

Type: Project

Links with UN SDGs established by Cult-CreaTE


Links with several, relevant Sustainable Tourism Goals (SDGs) of the UN, related...

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Participatory Lab at #EURegionsWeek, 15 October 2020


Cult-CreaTE held a Participatory Lab at the European Week of Regions and Cities...

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Call for Offers CCT Product development based on CCI


Call for offers on CCT Product development based on CCIs. Deadline: 28 Augusy...

Type: Project

Call for offers: External Expertise for Action Plans


Call for offers regarding external expertise for assistance to partners during...

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Steering Group Online meeting beats pandemic crisis!


4th Steering Group meeting hekd online due to pandemic crisis, ensuring...

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