The Cult-CreaTE project partnership welcomes the United Nations  'International Year of Creative Economy for Sustainable Development 2021' 

In 2019 at the 74th session of the UN General Assembly, 2021 was declared the International Year of Creative Economy for Sustainable Development (IYCESD2021).

The proposal recognised the need to promote sustained and inclusive economic growth, foster innovation and provide opportunities, benefits and empowerment for all and respect for all human rights.  

It also identified the ongoing need in diversifying production and exports, including in new sustainable growth areas, including creative industries. 

It encourages all to observe the year in accordance with national priorities to raise awareness, promote cooperation and networking, encourage sharing best practices and experiences, enhance human resource capacity, promote an enabling environment at all levels as well as tackle the challenges of the creative economy. 

The UN resolution includes reference to cultural and creative industries, sustainable tourism, performing arts and heritage. The full resolution can be found here .

The Cult-CreaTE project partnership welcomes this development, which is highly relevant to the project aims, approach and activities. There will be an effort to link the IYCESD2021 with the project partners action plans, including pilot actions, currently under development. The IYCESD2021 offers an excellent and unique opportunity to highlight the benefits of redeploying CCIs in Cultural and Creative Tourism (CCT) development and promotion, fully in line with the Cult-CreaTE project, towards enhancing the competitiveness of SMEs CCIs.