Košice IT Valley wanted to show the best practices from the cybersecurity ecosystem in Slovakia. Their time range of two hours was filled with exciting presentations from various spheres, including private companies, academic CSIRT and secondary schools.

- Lynx prepared the 1st presentation. It is an IT company with a firm grasp of cybersecurity. Their COO talked about their internship program focusing on cybersecurity.

- CSIRT UPJŠ presented the 2nd presentation of the meeting. It is the 1st academic CSIRT in Slovakia. Their cybercrime summer school is an educative project where students learn about the threat of cyberattacks and the cyberattacks' legal aspects.

- The final presentation belonged to the Secondary Vocational School Of Information Technologies Ostrovskeho. Their module of Information Security Specialist includes these key areas:

  • Computer network security
  • Security of operating systems
  • Security of communication - encryption, cryptography principles
  • Storage and processing data
  • Legal aspects of information systems
  • Security policy audit

The meeting provided a better understanding of the Kosiče cybersecurity ecosystem and the challenges it faces.