Last Thursday, 2nd of February, Interreg CYBER Event took place to celebrate the end of a 5-year project developed under the umbrella of the Interreg Europe Programme. 

There were gathered over 70 people at the Committee of the Regions, from our Partners representatives, to high-level panel speakers, EU Institutions representatives and cybersecurity stakeholders from all over Europe. 

The morning started with Mart Võrklaev, Member of the European Committee of the Regions, and Erwin Siweris, Director of Interreg Europe Programme giving the opening remarks by stressing the importance of putting the focus on the regions as main actors in the European cybersecurity ecosystem.

The audience showed their interest in the strategic plans of the CYBER partners during the panel discussions. There was discussed the need of raising awareness about implementing a cybersecurity system in small businesses and essential service providers; how important is to strengthen the public and private collaboration in order to develop the regional ecosystems and make them more cyber-resilience and; finally, the last debate addressed the different measures to tackle the skills gap in the cybersecurity industry and what impact does it have in the competitiveness of the SMEs.

We finished the day with a networking lunch were the attendees could get to know better the action plans of the CYBER Partners and discover which is their applicability even when the even is over.

The whole conference can be followed here.

You can also have a look at the event's aftermovie by clicking in this link.