Due to the exceptional circumstances caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, the agenda for the 5th Project Partners meeting was revised and took place via webinar rather than in Slovenia as planned. For this meeting, priority was given to Action Plan development, Management and Communication.

Three Webinars on specific clusters of Good Practices were also organised. Partners shared the responsibility of  organising the sessions in the following configuration:

  • Webinar on Business Vouchers for CS solutions (organised by Slovenia)
  • Webinar on Training and Awareness raising (organised by Estonia)
  • Webinar on Ecosystem Mapping (organised by Brittany and ECSO)

Additionally, part of the session was dedicated to understanding the Action Plan as the key deliverable of the project. Partners were requested to provide a shortlist of actions so that they would have concrete examples in mind for future reference.

The meeting also covered communications output, which centered on the internal newsletter put together by ECSO, and the management of the project, particularly the reporting and projections of costs up to the period ending 31st May 2020.

Presentations and recordings from the webinars are available on the project SharePoint (Office 365).