The Municipal Entreprise Connection Services of Vilnius, Partner of the CYCLEWALK Project, held a meeting with its stakeholders to share impressions from the previous study visits and compare standards, approaches and requirements of the foreign and local cycling infrastrutture.

The participants shared their opinions about the previous study visits in Utrecht, Amsterdam and Vienna and Burgenland region.

The attendants shared also their views on various aspects of cycling traffic issues in several cities abroad and compared them to relevant situation and/or solutions in Vilnius, Copenhagen, Malmo, and other cities or towns Europe-wide.

 A common understanding of a need for better education of Lithuanian residents on social and environmental policies emerged from the discussion. The lobbying process related to the shift from car usage to cycling should be more transparent, and the use of IT in these field should be more systematic.  The participants drew the attention on the necessity to provide better infrastructures in order to successively build the perception that walking and cycling are attractive modes of transport. Finally, they discussed about the possibility to expand  the informal stakeholder working group by attracting more institutions (public, private, NGOs).