From the 21st to the 23rd of March the EGTC GO held a study visit involving all the six partners participating in the project “Cyclewalk”.

After an initial technical meeting, the second day was entirely dedicated to the theme of the governance in cross border mobility and to the sustainable mobility and cycling in Friuli Venezia Giulia and in Slovenia. During the workshop new perspectives for tourism development through sustainable mobility in the cross-border area were evaluated and the “Isonzo-Soča Cross-border Park territorial marketing plan” was displayed as a strategic tool for the cross-border area where the EGTC GO is operating.However, beyond the institutional meetings, the participants had also the chance to visit the places where the cycling-walking infrastructures will be realized.

During the last day of the study visit, moreover, the participants were divided into two groups to examine the different aspects of the cross-border area. Both groups had to fill out a survey with questions related to the topic of their own session:

  • The theme of the session 1 was “How to improve the cross-border area from a touristic point of view, considering its strengths and weaknesses”;
  • The second working group focused on the relationship between the river and the city, comparing the experience of the territory of Gorizia-Nova Gorica and its connection to the Soča river with other similar or different cases in Europe. 

Beyond the outcomes for each session, this working groups proved to be useful for all the attendants. On one hand the EGTC GO had the possibility to collect ideas and opinion about how developing the infrastructural plans related to the area both in term of touristic promotion and for what regards the construction of the new cycle walks; on the other hand the partners had the chance to experience in practical terms how a unique model of sustainable mobility in a cross-border area will be strengthened.

Discover the photo reportage of this event on our Flickr gallery.