This Social Dialogue is a public webinar for all citizens, companies, public authorities and research institutions in the City of Aalborg and the North Denmark region.

Back in 2016, Aalborg Municipality had a series of social dialogue events in relation to the decarbonisation of the local power plant, Nordjyllandsværket. So the structures of the decarbonisation of the energy production has already been set in motion a long with the municipal and regional policies related to that. Therefore, the partner has chosen to have social dialogue event on how the ordinary citizen can add to that process (the decarbonisation of the energy production).

The first speaker is the director of the largest housing organisation in the region, Himmerland Housing Organisation. It is often mentioned that the decarbonisation of people’s residences is mainly in the hands of home owners, who can decide to retrofit their houses, and how tenants do not have that option. The director of Himmerland will present how their 16.000 tenants contribute to the decarbonisation, merely be choosing to be a tenant at Himmerland. Himmerland works closely with the public authorities and the university, e.g. by fitting a large amount of apartments with garbage disposals in the kitchen sinks. All the sinks are connected to the local waste management facility, and all the garbage is turned into biogas that in turn ends up in the public transportation system, such as biogas-powered school busses.

The next speaker is a researcher from Aalborg University who will tell about her research in public engagement on the green transition (research founded in an Interreg OKS project), why it is difficult and what works.

In the end we will have a discussion with the participants on to two subjects.

The webinar will be in Danish.