The object of the DeCarb project brings together nine (9) EU countries to explore the best ways to smoothly and equitably transition to a low carbon economy. The debate addressed the following issues: 

  • The exchange of experiences on an international scale
  • The development strategies that will mitigate the effects of carbonization
  • The available funds and financial instruments to undertake the transition processes
  • The need to effectively promote a public debate

The context and the purpose of the online meeting

The restructuring of the production model is linked to a series of necessary spatial planning measures and policies. The identification of new land uses in the areas covered by the cores of PPC lignite fields through the Special Urban Plans, is obviously at the heart of this spatial planning. In this context, the critical challenge that emerges in this meeting is the co-formation of a common pace and targeting between the state, PPC and the priorities of the local community.

The crucial questions addressed for discussion

  1. Where are we today in terms of new land uses and what are the next steps to complete them?
  2. What are the individual aspects of soil remediation planning?
  3. Is there room to create value chains and synergies between the design of PPC, the public and the local community?