The Energy agency of Savinjska, Šaleška and Koroška region, KSSENA, will organize the National Information Day event of the DeCarb project on Earth day 2021.

The event’s primary focus will be to publicly present the action plan for policy development essential to the decarbonization and restructuring of the Savinjsko-šaleška coal intensive region. The event will serve as a platform for the exchange of expert views and the collection of feedback on the proposed measures which will be integrated with the revision of the final version of the action plan.

The event will also feature the participation of various experts responsible for the development of key strategic and policy documents related to the decarbonization of the coal intensive region with the aim to discuss, harmonize and streamline the framework in pursuit of a sustainable and effective energy transition. As one of the highly promising development aspects that will play an important role in decarbonization, the second part of the event will address innovation in energy renovation of buildings.

It will host the initial consultation with potential bidders in the context of the upcoming public tender within the procuRE project (Horizon 2020) to finance innovative solutions regarding energy renovation of buildings that can achieve energy self-sufficiency from renewable energy sources. The public tender will also include the financing of the innovative energy renovation of the pilot project in the Savinjsko-šaleška region (Primary school Vinska Gora), providing potentially a best practice example on how to increase energy independence, resilience and reduce carbon intensity with on-site energy generation from renewables.

Due to the limitations related to COVID-19, the event will be held online in the form of a video conference (via platform ZOOM). You can already register for the event at the link below, where other important information is also available.

Link to the event:;