Join this webinar on 29 April 2021 from 14:00 to 15:30 CEST on ‘Jobs and skills for the energy transition’ organized by the PLP of Interreg Europe.

The aim of this webinar is to put the spotlight on the great job creation and skill development potential of energy efficiency and renewables. Directing investments and reforms towards these areas will be fundamental to trigger green transformations and the recovery of the European economy.

At the same time, it will ensure that employment rates are improved in the regions, where policymakers are called to implement reskilling initiatives for current workers and design education and training paths for the next generation to fully enable the energy transition.

What you can expect

You will learn more about the recommendations of the recently published policy brief on ‘Skills for the Energy Transition’. You will also discover successful training schemes for workers in the construction sector as well as university-level programmes on energy efficiency and renewables.

The webinar will highlight the complementarity of different training solutions to guarantee that energy skills are improved across the board and along all value chains. Only an overarching approach on training can enable the upskilling and reskilling of all workers, blue- and white-collars alike, as well as the emergence of new jobs at a regional level.

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