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Young students attend an energy transition session


Organised by AGENEX, where DeCarb project where explained.

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Peer review in Stara Zagora


Experts from Policy Learning Platform were gathered at Stara Zagora to discuss...

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Study visit to the energy heart of Bulgaria


On February 19 2020, a delegation of the Directorate-General for Energy of the...

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Stakeholders' meeting in Cottbus


The regional stakeholders were actively involved in the topics renaturation and...

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Stakeholders' meeting in Western Macedonia


The 3rd Stakeholder Meeting was organized on Monday 10th of February in Kozani.

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PanonReg Study Visit


The study visit was aimed to gain a knowledge and experiences in the field of...

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Alternative Energy and Energy Storage Hub for WM


DeCarb project participated in this event organised by World Bank, thanks to the...

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2nd Stakeholders' Meeting in Greece


Regional Association of Municipalities of Western Macedonia organised this...

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The decline of coal in Spain


Spain produces all its electricity without any coal for the first time in its...

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3rd Stakeholders' meeting in Romania


The 3rd meeting with regional stakeholders in the DeCarb project

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INFODAY of DeCarb project in Romania


On December 4, SWORDA organized an Infoday - information event on...

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Brussels Fund for climate conversion


A fund for the conversion of EU areas that will be affected by the transition to...

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