The first charging station for electric cars in Bełchatów is already open. For the first few months of its operation, charging will be completely free. The "Electromobility for everyone" project is to encourage drivers to use electric cars.

Bełchatów is a city that, due to the protection of the environment and the fight against smog, is betting on newer solutions. We are talking here about subsidies for replacing furnaces or extending the city heating network. But not only. Municipal and public utility buildings are systematically modernized and bled, and ten chimney electrostatic precipitators were installed. Street lighting is successively exchanged for energy-efficient LED, besides, new squares and green areas are created in the city.

The next step towards the ecological city is certainly the charger of electric cars. In the downtown parking lot (behind the library), on the area of ​​40 sq m, PGE Nowa Energia has set up a two-point point - for charging with constant and alternating current. A fast charging station (with a minimum 50 kW of power) is a device that ensures quick and safe recharging of a car battery powered by electricity. Full charging at the Bełchatów station should last up to 1.5 hours and the battery should be refilled up to 80%. just 40 minutes.

Importantly, for the next few months, charging will be free, while in the autumn a payment terminal will be installed at the station.

The charging station for electric cars perfectly fits into the city's pro-ecological activities, appreciated by the chapter of the international Eco-City competition 2018. Let us remind that Bełchatów as the first city in the Lodz region won the distinction in the category: urban greenery and air quality with its project "Bełchatów w zielone - creation and revaluation of green spaces of the city. "