Another stakeholder meeting of ART-ER and Po Delta Park with Councilor for Culture and Head of the Technical Office of the Goro Municipality – Responsible for the Planning Division, was organized on 6 April 2022 online. 5 participants attended the meeting. The topic of the discussion was related to the Action 1 of the Action Plan. 

Head of the Technical Office expressed some doubts regarding the involvement of Goro in the Delta Lady project as she needed some additional information on the project progress. She participated in a previous meeting with the former Park Director, during the first phase, focused on the quantification of the economic value of the park areas through the analysis of the results of a questionnaire provided to the population.

ART-ER presented the main project activities and progress to participants. Partners underlined the value of the proposed materials project, pointing out that the material is totally free and that ART-ER will also provide assistance for the interpretation.

Head of the Technical Office gladly accepted the possibility of having additional materials and information as the collection of data it was the main focus of the actual work on the PUG.

ART-ER will send the materials/data to the technical office as they can assess the type of available data and analysis.

The material related to ecosystem services assessment have been send to the Technical Office on the 20.04.22. At the moment of reporting, we are waiting for suggestions and feedback.