The 1st meeting with Po Delta Tourism administrators was held online on March 18, 2022. There were 4 participants attending the meeting. The main topics discussed were related to the Action 2 of the Action Plan. First, the Delta Lady project was presented to the participants focusing on the Action 2 objectives. Further, Po Delta Tourism administrators presented the structure and the activities of Po Delta Tourism and related companies. The discussion was focused on the importance of maintenance and valorization activities carried out by tour operators and that local administration should recognize the value of these services and activities. 

Po Delta Tourism (PDT) was available to set up a discussion with the Po Delta Park and local municipalities to assess potential tools for achieving a balance between tourism activities and protection of the natural resources. On the basis of the tourism activities already performed in the Po Delta Park area, they proposed to choose the bird-watching as a potential activity for the foreseen feasibility study.

ART-ER asked to PDT to collect some information/data on the proposed activity that will be presented to the Park Director for his assessment. If the Park gives its positive opinion, ART-ER will start the data set collection for the development of the feasibility study of the PES. ARTER sent a form to collect information from PDT on 21.03.2022. PDT answered on 04.04.22.