Investigating impact indicators for design will be the theme for the ultimate knowledge exchange workshop of the learning phase of Design4Innovation. Barcelona Centre de Disseny will host project partners and their stakeholders at their premises in Disseny Hub in Catalan capital on 2nd-4th October 2019.

Measuring the impact of design on SME competitiveness has been a challenge that academics and policymakers  have been examining for over a decade. There is no manual for evaluating design like the Frascati Manual for R&D or the Oslo Manual for innovation. Nevertheless, significant progress has been made in recent years. Between 2012 and 2014, BCD led an European project '€Design', focused on measuring economic value of design. The Design Maturity Ladder framework examines how many companies use no design (stage 1), use design only for styling (stage 2), use design as a process for new product/service development (stage 3) or as a business strategy (stage 4). In 2016, Design Maturity study was undertaken on European level as part of Innobarometer report. It revealed that although 12% of European companies use design strategically; 56% do not engage with design. During the knowledge exchange workshop, project partners will share their experiences in measuring design including case studies on '€Design' project by BCD, Study of design activity in Malta: Economic Analysis at a firm level and Diagnosis of design activity in Silesia

As part of the event we will have opportunity to explore exciting examples of the best practice in design-driven innovation in Catalonia:

  • HP 3D Printing Incubator - the largest 3D plastic and metal printing center in the world, which the company wants to become an international benchmark from which it will expand its manufacturing offer of large-scale industrial parts.
  • Santa & Cole Belloch knowledge park and  URBIDERMIS - Santa & Cole is a publishing house, design company and manufacturer of furniture and lighting products. Belloch is their knowledge park focussing on communication and design; and URBIDERMIS - a division focusing on urban and outdoor furniture.
  • LEKUÉ - Catalan manufacturer of kitchen utensils that has users’ happiness in the centre of their strategy.