In the framework of the Design for Innovation 2020 programme, a cycle of online meetings called "The post-COVID ERA. Redesigning the world", is being hosted by the Galician Innovation Agency (GAIN). The aim of these meetings is focused on the best reaction against the economical crisis caused by business and social restrictions resulting from the pandemic contention.

Within this cycle, the event entitled “The design of brands in the times of COVID-19” will be celebrated on 24th September. During this virtual meeting, the best formulas to build solid brands will be explored from the design field and under the analysis of the best practices implemented by leading companies. The role of brands in the contention of economic destabilization will be debated. 

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Next event:

On 29th September will take place the second workshop of the cycle “Design for Transformation - Foundations for future Galician design” . This online workshop, promoted by GAIN, aims to debate among design professionals, businessmen, entrepreneurs, artists and teachers about the configuration of innovation based on design principles and how it can contribute, in a more effective way, to increase competitiveness into the Galicia's companies.