As the New European Bauhaus initiative undergoes a dynamic co-creation process, its new aspects are unveiling. The latest addition to the programme is the New European Bauhaus Prize. "The Prizes will recognize and celebrate existing achievements and support the younger generation to further develop emerging concepts and ideas. They will give visibility to project examples and concepts/ideas that illustrate how the triangle of sustainability, aesthetics and inclusion has already been translated in our territories, our communities and in our practices, or that pave the way to the future." - reads the guide for submissions.

Until the deadline of 31st of May 2021, you can submit your proposal to the competition in two parallel strands:

  • Strand A: “New European Bauhaus Awards” will be devoted to existing completed projects and receive a prize of €30,000; and
  • Strand B: “New European Bauhaus Rising Stars” will be devoted to concepts or ideas submitted by young talents aged 30 or less, who will be awarded a prize of €15,000.

In both strands, prizes are to be awarded in ten categories:

  1. Techniques, materials and processes for construction and design.
  2. Building in a spirit of circularity.
  3. Solutions for the co-evolution of built environment and nature.
  4. Regenerated urban and rural spaces .
  5. Products and life style.
  6. Preserved and transformed cultural heritage.
  7. Reinvented places to meet and share.
  8. Mobilisation of culture, arts and communities.
  9. Modular, adaptable and mobile living solutions.
  10. Interdisciplinary education models.

You can find more information about the competition here. Good luck!


A total of 2090 applications have been submitted to the New European Bauhaus Prize. After an eligibility check by the Evaluation Committee, valid applications have been published on a dedicated website that is open for public vote from 11 till 18 June 2021. Votes must be cast in at least three or more categories of the New European Awards and at least three or more categories of the New European Rising Stars to be valid.

Vote for your favourite projects, concepts, and ideas that will make Europe more beautiful, sustainable and inclusive!