Six representative organizations of the Spanish design sector - Barcelona Design centre (BcD), Spanish Network of Design Associations (READ), Fostering Arts and Design (FAD), Forum of Renowned Spanish Brands (FMRE), Industrial Design Centre of Aragon (CADI) and Valencia World Design Capital 2022 - promote a pact for design -"Pacto por el Diseño" in Spanish - with the aim of implementing a National Design Strategy to ensure that design, as a tool for innovation and competitiveness and as an international image of Spain, play a strategic role for the transformation that the country is dealing with. This strategy seeks to increase design impact within the economic, academic, public sector and society in general.

The initiative was driven by the union and agreement of the above-mentioned six entities that, in the context of the lockdown and the health crisis Spain was going through a year ago, decided to join forces and create a working group called "The Multilateral of Design" and to start working on the recovery. They carried out several working sessions with national institutions, letters sent to the Presidency of the Government and meetings with ministries, political groups and other private actors.

Now, in June 2021, it has been decided to present this "Pact for Design" which means to collect as many supports as possible, people, companies and entities that are aware about the importance of design, such as businesses and professionals, schools and universities, business clusters and associations, technology and research centres, agencies and promotion entities, both public and private.

After all, this initiative is performed on the premise that in the global arena Design is a key tool for the development and progress of institutions, corporations, companies and, as a whole, the culture and society of a country.

At Design4Innovation, we are very pleased to see this initiative being taken forward by a group of key stakeholders, including our project partner - Barcelona Design Centre. We hope the lessons learnt from the project will further inspire creation of design policy and support mechanisms.