On November 13th, GAIN celebrated an event under the title “Design Ecosystem for business innovation”.

The main objective of this event - framed in the context of the Design for Innovation 2020 Program- was to contribute to the configuration of a design ecosystem in Galicia which has the features required to guarantee its impact on business innovation.

Within this frame, it was intended to foster knowledge exchange, dissemination of good practices and matchmaking among design professionals, representative design associations and academic institutions linked to the sector and to the Galician industry.

More than 100 participants had the opportunity to learn about the positive impact of the association activity on the development of the sector in Galicia and in other communities as Madrid, Barcelona, Comunidad Valencia, Euskadi and Andalucía.

The main Galician schools of design shared their experiences on the transfer of knowledge and talent to the industry.


On November 29th, GAIN will organise the workshop "New materials for design and innovation.

This event is part of the Design for Innovation 2020 Program and is primarily targeted to dissemination of new materials as a focal point of valuable opportunities for the design applied to business innovation.

The event will consist of two parts: first, a presentation where some representatives from galician technology and research centers and some partners of the future material library located in CIS Galicia will outline the challenges they are facing in the field of new materials and their progress. Secondly, an experimental workshop will take place. Design thinking techniques will be used to create innovation opportunities based on the designers abilities to apply 25 new materials in sectors different to those they were at first produced for.