On Thursday, November 22nd, Business and Cultural Development Centre (KEPA) delivered a 3-hour “User Personas and Customer Journey Masterclass” through the Hellenic Design Centre, to startups being already supported by the OK!Thess’ pre-incubator. 


The Masterclass’ goal was to introduce the startups to the mindset, the methodology, the stages and the tools of design thinking, with a specific focus on customers, their needs and satisfaction rates. In particular, the following issues were covered:

  1. Who is the customer and which are his/her needs?
  2. Which are the points of interaction with customers and how do they affect the end product/service?
  3. How do we improve customer service/experience?

In the second part of the Masterclass, participants had the chance to have a hands-on experience. They worked with design tools on profiling a customer and his/her experience receiving a service, on two cases out of the participating startups.

Lastly, some startups were benefited from 1-to-1 consulting, upon their request, on how they could further use Hellenic Design Centre’s services, in order to integrate design into their services, products and /or processes.