Interregional Thematic Workshop A on:

'Low-carbon transport systems introduction  investigation', including Internalisation and Reduction of External costs of transport for tourism and travel with low carbon travel solutions, Electro-Mobility options'

(with inputs from CIVITAS, completed INTERREG IIIC project ECOTALE on external costs of transport and other relevant projects and initiatives).

Low-carbon transport systems for visitors at tourist destinations 

Hastings Borough Council, Muriel Matters House 


09:00 Registration 

09:30 Session 1: Opening Session – Setting the Scene 

Moderator: Mr Kevin Boorman, Hastings Borough Council, UK

 Opening Address by Cllr Peter Chowney, Leader, Hastings Borough Council, UK 

 Address by lead partner MDAT Thessaloniki, Greece

 Purpose of Thematic Workshop A in the frame of DESTI-SMART project: background, issues, aims, approach, activities and expected results, by Project Coordinator, Manos Vougioukas, Greece

 Local Transport Plan 2011-2026, East Sussex County Council, Lisa Simmonds, UK

 State of the Art on low-carbon transport systems and related policies in destinations, by advisory partner Bournemouth University, Derek Robbins, UK

 Discussion

11:00 Coffee break 

11:30 Session 2: Experience, good practices, innovations and plans/priorities on low-carbon transport systems for visitors at partners’ destinations (10 min each) 

 Moderator: Manos Vougioukas, Project Coordinator, Greece

 Metropolitan Development Agency of Thessaloniki SA (MDAT SA), Greece 

 Sardinia Autonomous Region (SAR), Italy

 Bremerhaven Tourism Marketing and Events Company Ltd (EM), Germany

 Horarios do Funchal, Transportes Publicos, SA (HF), Madeira, Portugal

 Hastings Borough Council (HBC), United Kingdom

 Mallorca Island Council (MIC), Spain

 Latvian Greenways Association (LGWA), Latvia

 Lake Balaton Development Coordination Agency (LB), Hungary

 Pafos Regional Board of Tourism (PRBT), Cyprus

13:00 Working Lunch 

14:30 Session 3: Good practices and results from other projects and initiatives on low-carbon mobility at tourist destinations 

 Moderator: Derek Robbins, Bournemouth University, UK (advisory partner)

 InnovaSUMP Interreg Europe Project, Project Coordinator Polikarpos Karkavistas, Lever SA, Greece (Good Practices from Exeter, Ravenna & Viseu) 

 DESTINATIONS Horizon2020 Project, Claudio Mantero, HF, Madeira, Portugal

 SEEMORE Project, Carles Petit, Mallorca Transport Consortium, Spain

 ECOTALE INTERREG IVC Project and follow-up, Manos Vougioukas, Greece

 People Movers, Minitram & Ultra Light Rail, Patrick Severn Lamb, Severn Lamb

 Other Relevant Projects and Initiatives (e.g. Teleferic, Monorail, e-Mobility, e-Boats, e-Bikes, e-Scooters)

 Q & A

16:00 Coffee Break 

16:15 Session 4: Discussion, Proposals for the Action Plans and Conclusions 

 Moderator: Thessaloniki MDAT SA (lead partner), Greece

Discussion (in 4 small groups) (60 minutes): 

 1. Implementation of Low-carbon sustainable mobility options: How can we introduce low-carbon transport systems for visitors at tourist destinations?

 2. Joint Surveys with Common Methodology for travel behaviour research (Institutional/Business, Resident & Visitor/Traveller Surveys), for sustainable low-carbon transport and responsible travel solutions (Activity 7)

 3. Feasibility Studies for Low-Carbon Mobility Options & Transport Systems for Visitors, Costs and Benefits (Activity 8)

 4. Policy Change, Potential Actions for the Action Plans: How can we improve policy instruments in DESTI-SMART partner destinations with low-carbon transport systems for visitors in the Action Plans?

 Conclusions and next steps, Project Coordinator (10 minutes) 

 Closing remarks by lead partner MDAT (5 minutes)

17:30 End of Workshop