Thessaloniki - Sardinia - Bremerhaven - Madeira - Hastings - Mallorca - Vidzeme - Balaton - Pafos – Bournemouth University

High-level dissemination event / Final Conference:

‘Sustainable Tourism Mobility towards Smart Destinations’

28 April 2022

Annabelle Hotel, Pafos, Cyprus

All times EEST


09:00 Registration

09:30 Session 1: Opening ceremony & Keynote address –

         DESTI-SMART Interreg Europe main results

Moderator: Pafos Regional Board of Tourism (host)

 Welcome address by the President of Pafos Regional Board of Tourism, Mr Kyriakos Drousiotis (host partner)

 Welcome address by the Mayor of Pafos, Mr Phedon Phedonos

 Opening address – President of Major Development Agency of Thessaloniki, Ms Maria Karagianni, Greece (DESTI-SMART lead partner)

 Smart Tourism - István Ujhelyi MEP (S&D, HU), 1st Vice-Chair of Transport and Tourism Committee, European Parliament (tbc)

 Interreg Europe - Anne Rocheteau, Interreg Europe Joint Secretariat Policy Officer

 Overall Achievements and Results of the DESTI-SMART Interreg Europe project, Manos Vougioukas, Project Coordinator

 Keynote address: UNWTO Smart Destinations initiative, UNWTO (tbc)

11:00 Coffee Break

11:30 Session 2: DESTI-SMART Project Results in Partner Destinations

Moderator: Viachaslau Filimonau – Bournemouth University (advisory partner)

Results of Action Plans implementation at DESTI-SMART partner destinations and related Policy Change in Low-carbon transport, Intermodality, Accessibility, Cycling and Walking:

 Major Development Agency of Thessaloniki SA (MDAT SA), Greece

 Sardinia Autonomous Region (SAR), Italy

 Bremerhaven Tourism Marketing and Events Company Ltd (EM), Germany

 Horarios do Funchal, Transportes Publicos, SA (HF), Madeira, Portugal

 Hastings Borough Council (HBC), United Kingdom

 Mallorca Island Council (MIC), Spain

 Latvian Greenways Association (LGWA), Latvia

 Lake Balaton Development Coordination Agency (LB), Hungary

 Pafos Regional Board of Tourism (PRBT), Cyprus

13:00 Working Lunch

14:30 Session 3: Synergies with Smart Tourism Destinations & Digitalisation

Moderator: Manos Vougioukas, DESTI-SMART Project Coordinator

 Keynote Address: by the Deputy Minister of Tourism Mr Savvas Perdios, Republic of Cyprus

 Video message by President of Greek National Tourism Organisation, Ms Angela Gerekou

 European Tourism Manifesto, European Travel Commission, Ms Iulia Niculica

 Smart Tourism Destinations Initiative – European Commission DG GROW (tbc)

 European Capital of Smart Tourism Awards – European Commission DG GROW (tbc)

 CIVITAS DESTINATIONS project, Horarios do Funchal, Madeira, Portugal

 Smart tourism low-carbon transport in Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs) – InnovaSUMP Interreg Europe project

 Digitalisation in Sustainable Cultural Tourism – CHRISTA Interreg Europe project

 Digital Hub and Smart Tourism App of ReInHerit - Horizon 2020 Coordination & Support Action

16:00 Coffee Break

16:30 Session 4: Policy implications and the way ahead

Moderator: MDAT - Lead Partner

 Policy-makers round table debate on:

‘Legacy of the DESTI-SMART project results in policy change, regarding low-carbon sustainable tourism mobility and accessibility, towards ‘Smart Destinations’

 Concluding Remarks: MDAT Greece (Lead partner), Interreg Europe JS, Bournemouth University (advisory partner), PRBT (Host partner)

18:00 End

20:00 Conference Working Dinner

29 April 2022 (AM): Study visits in relation to the Pafos action plans and pilot action