Smart Mobility at Tourist Destinations

Sustainable Tourism Mobility and Accessibility, towards 'Smart Destinations'

The DESTI-SMART Partnership application for a Workshop on “Smart Mobility at Tourist Destinations” has been retained by the selection committee and the session will be part of the official programme of this year's #EURegionsWeek


Ιmproving sustainable transport and tourism policies towards green andsmart destinations, by integrating strategies for smart and sustainable mobility, accessibility for all and responsible travel, with sustainable tourism development, through efficiency, resilience, intermodality improvements, novel low-carbon transport systems, cycling and walking for visitors.


Sustainable Tourism Mobility and Accessibility, towards 'Smart Destinations'


'Smart destinations' should incorporate sustainable, green mobility, seamless travel services and accessibility for visitors, ensuring tourism for all. Smart mobility solutions enable destinations to better respond to changing travel behaviours by offering more relevant, integrated services (e.g. from door to door) and incorporating fast adaptation processes. 


- DESTI-SMART Interreg Europe project, on the role of Sustainable Mobility & Accessibility in Sustainable &  Responsible Tourism, towards Smart Destinations 

- Major Development Agency of Thessaloniki, Greece, on proposed seaborne transport system as a tourism  product 

- Hastings Borough Council, UK, on sustainable seafront strategy including proposals on low-carbon  transport system for all 

- Horrarios de Funchal, Medeira, PT, on CIVITAS DESTINATIONS project

- InnovaSUMP Interreg Europe project (led by Nicosia Municipality, Cyprus)

- Other initiatives.

Communication Strategy:

Active participation of relevant institutions & initiatives on smart & green mobility for sustainable tourism, viz:

- European Capital of Smart Tourism; Sustainability, Accessibility & Digitalisation

- UNWTO Smart Destinations, Multimodality & Accessibility

- SUMPs for tourist destinations.