On 14th December 2021 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. the Autonomous province of Trento organized in the Buonconsiglio castle a workshop to present the participatory methods.

At the workshop there were 10 local stakeholders and 3 representatives of the Autonomous Province of Trento.

The meeting aimed to share with the stakeholders of the Autonomous Province of Trento the "Model on participatory processes and methods", developed as part of the Dialog project, stimulating discussion among those present on the areas of potential enhancement of the model, also in relation to the Action Plan envisaged at the provincial level - relating to the development of the executive planning of lifelong learning interventions in an internal area being defined.

Mrs. Lorella Molteni from LASER briefly introduced the essential elements that characterize the model

Following the exposition of the model, a discussion was opened between the participants structured in two moments, collecting useful suggestions both to feed the Guidelines being drafted and to structure the participation processes of the Local Action Plan that will be defined and implemented in Trentino.

Those present agree that the proposed model is interesting from the point of view of the potential for activating social participation.

Finally, the stakeholders presented suggestions to ensure a real application of the model and a greater participation of citizens in public life