On 23 November and 07 December 2021 the Lower Saxon Ministry for Federal and European Affairs and Regional development organized online workshops for the presentation and discussion of the participatory model. 10 Stakeholders working in the field of regional development and European affairs, were introduced to the concepts of the model and afterwards discussed their application within their proper fields of action.

The first Workshop on 23 November was focusing on creating knowledge with regards to stakeholder notion and mapping, aspects of strategically defining participation goals as well as strategic implications of choosing a certain level of stakeholder participation.

In the Workshops on 07 December we delved deeper into the methodological application of the levels of stakeholder participation. The workshop was focusing on enabling the participating stakeholders in choosing methods in accordance with the adequate level of participation.

The stakeholder expressed enthusiasm about the presented concept. Most of them felt more competent in strategically planning participation processes. The stakeholders stated that the second workshop gave them more competency when choosing a methodological approach for their participation goals.

Altogether, the workshops were a perfect end to phase 1 for Lower Saxon Ministry for Federal and European Affairs and Regional development and an ideal introduction to the developed action plan. The concepts that were presented in the workshops gave the participants a deeper understanding of the reasons behind the introduction of the developed tool.