In the period 7th - 17th of February 2022, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Vratsa implemented the STUDY VISIT, of the Pilot Activity "SOCIAL-D", within the project "Dialogue for Innovation and LOcal Growth". The event was in hybrid format (face-to-face and online).

During the visit was presented the current situation in the provision of services for the elderly in the Municipality of Vratsa. Representatives of the project stakeholders Mr. Vladimirov, Deputy Mayor "Culture, Sports, Social and Youth Activities, Tourism and Investment" of the Municipality of Vratsa, Mrs. Mihalcheva, Director of the General Assembly of the Bulgarian Red Cross Vratsa, Mrs. Tarnavska, Director of the Regional Directorate for Social Assistance Vratsa, Mr. Ivanov, Head of the Department "Culture, Sports, Social and Youth Activities, Tourism and Investments" of the Municipality of Vratsa, presented in details the Social Services of the Municipality of Vratsa; "Patronage Care +", "Home Social Patronage", "Assistant Support", "Hot lunch in pandemic terms from COVID-19", Home for Elderly People Vratsa; Providing social assistance services at the district and regional level; The interaction between the public and private sector in the provision of services in the social sphere and the participation of the non-governmental sector. Participants had been acknowledged with Innovative projects for the elderly and protection of their rights.

During the visit, the Matrix (prototype) for partnerships between the economic, social sector and public authorities was presented. Also had been reviewed the Elements of the Model analyzed during the Study visit to Trento, Italy and implemented in the current Pilot Action:

1. Analysis and identification of the territorial context;

2. Selection of application area;

3. Identifying fidiciary;

4. Centralized negotiation;

5. Process of joining;

6. Creation of value flows (individual and collective);

7. Redistribution of value back systems;

8. Integrated communication plan.

In the discussion, feedback was received from the Italian partners Federation of Cooperatives Trento and the Autonomous Province of Trento, and discussed the financial and technical sustainability of the Matrix for Partnerships in the territory of Municipality of Vratsa.