On 11 and 12 April 2022, the study visit to Trento of the partners and stakeholders of the Interreg Dialog project took place to deepen the good practices of the internal Tesino area and the DCoop platform.

20 stakeholders, 13 partner's representatives took part at the meeting. 


The first day of the study visit saw the participation of 23 people among the project partners and shs who visited the municipalities of Tesino to learn more about the good practice of the internal area of the Teseino.

After the interventions of the three Mayors, Graziella Menato, Oscar Nervo and Leonardo Ceccato, respectively for Castello, Pieve and Cinte Tesino, attention focused on the participatory process that led to the birth of the Brenta River Reserves Network in 2018 and subsequently the "participatory" adoption of its Management Plan, but above all on the local implementation of the National Strategy for Internal Areas (SNAI), an initiative desired by the Italian government and which, co-financed by European funds ESF, ERDF, EAFRD and EMFF , is taking place in 72 decentralized areas of the peninsula.

During the Tesino meeting, the European partners of the project were able to learn the methodology underlying the SNAI, becoming aware in particular of the "diffuse medicine" initiative which, managed by Trentino Salute 4.0, is aiming to increase the digital knowledge of tesino population (with an eye to the elderly) to help them make the most of the opportunities offered by telemedicine and create a model of a digital health care service while promoting healthy lifestyles.

The study visit in Tesino day ended with a visit to two interventions carried out in recent years thanks to EU funds: the Permanent Center of Alpine Flora and Fauna in Castello and the small jewel of the "Museo per Via" in Pieve, with the very interesting epic of the Tesino street vendor.

On Tuesday 12 April the study visit took place in the Marangoneria room of the Buonconsiglio Castle in Trento.

The Trentino Federation of Cooperation presented the good practice of the DCoop platform and there were 21 people among the project partners and shs.

The morning began with the institutional greetings of the general manager of UMST local bodies of the Autonomous Province of Trento Giovanni Gardelli.

Subsequently, Stefania Pedrotti and Raul Daoli of the Trentino Federation of Cooperation took the floor and finally Giorgio Smaniotto of SAIT Trentino.

The social dialogue process is at the basis of the development of the DCoop platform itself. In fact, it was born with working tables with the cooperatives of the territory potentially interested in the platform, starting from 2 questions.

1 If cooperatives were already developing similar platforms?

2 How can this platform help individual cooperatives and what could each one do for the others?

The cooperation platform differs from normal e-commerce platforms which have the peculiarity of desertifying territories, especially rural ones, taking away wealth from small shops operating in the area.

The DCoop platform is a business to community platform that connects Trentino cooperation companies with other local organizations for the development of digital projects aimed at their members through innovative tools that allow the creation of inter-cooperative projects aimed at local development.

The day ended with a visit to the Buonconsiglio Castle.