To provide deeper expertise and recommendations on how to improve the policy for the digital transformation among SMEs in Portugal, the Intermunicipal Community of Tâmega and Sousa is holding Online Peer Review Event.

Experts from Latvia and Austria will interview Portugal’s local stakeholders in order to gather information about the current digital transformation situation, policy documents, various initiatives, good practices in the footwear production sector and other industries.

Digital transformation in Tâmega e Sousa will be viewed from two perspectives:

• Public policies on access to funds for technological solutions to the SME’s of Tâmega e Sousa

• SME’s in Tâmega e Sousa digital transition: learning processes, collaboration and awareness

After interviews the experts will share their findings and recommendations on improving Portuguese SME competitiveness and economic growth through better policies and support programs for entrepreneurs and finally will prepare the Report to be used for future work.