To present smart use of ICT and digitalization benefits for SMEs and change of experiences - within the framework of Interreg Europe program, DigiBEST project will organize the second study visit which will be held online from Granada (Spain) 24-25 November, 2020. Policy makers, ICT experts , NGOs as well as SMEs are kindly invited to take part in the event to facilitate the exchange of experience on information and communication technology (ICT) solutions and digitization opportunities.

In the context of Covid-19 worldwide, the study visit for the first time will take place online, with the participation of project partners from six project partner countries – Latvia, Norway, Italy, Portugal, Austria and Spain. Big benefit from online meeting will be that the event will be open to all stakeholders, not as it would be  in case of a face-to-face visit, so more people will be able to get acquainted  with the situation in the Granada region.

During the 2nd study visit between the project partners and stakeholders will continue rise awareness of the importance of digitalization for business development and increase understanding of digitalization policies, tools, approaches, benefits and added value by sharing good practices as well as other useful information.

“The focus for the event will be on presenting four good practices related to promote SMEs competitiveness through digital transformation. These practical examples have proved to be successful in Granada region and which is of potential interest to other European regions. “ says Ana Muñoz Arquelladas, Deputy of Employment and Sustainable Development County Council of Granada.

During the visit, the Granada region will present the situation in the field of digital transformation of entrepreneurs - the policies pursued, the initiatives implemented, the challenges and the achievements. For example, public-private partnerships, as well as programs for the training of entrepreneurs. It is also planned to discuss the information technology solutions developed by the Granada region for promoting business turnover, which have already been successfully implemented in other European Union member states.

Agenda and registration:

Since 1996, the Granada County Council develops and implements strategies for supporting SMEs. Nowadays these strategies are included in the framework of the “Granada es Provincia” Programme - a policy instrument focusing on the specific competences, like assistance and cooperation for the local economic promotion as well as development of local production activity.

The role of the Granada Provincial Council in DigiBEST project is to provide a collaborative environment for public (municipalities) and private agents to promote digital transformation of SMEs. County Council of Granada is the government for the county of Granada, which represents interests of local entities and ensures the comprehensive and adequate provision of public services according to the municipal competence throughout the province.

The first study visit took place in Peñafiel (Portugal) on December 10 – 12, 2019. The next study will take place in Italy (Basilicata Region) on March 5 to 9, 2021 when the delegations of the project partners will learn about examples of good practices in digital transformation that are being carried out in the Basilica province.

The project is implemented within the framework of the DigiBEST INTERREG EUROPE Interregional Cooperation Program “Digital Transformation of the Business Environment” of the European Structural and Investment Funds Objective “European Territorial Cooperation” 2014-2020.

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