Latvia is one of the five countries in the European Union with the weakest skills in the use of digital technologies in business, according to the latest EU Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI, 2019). To help small and medium-sized Latvian companies develop IT solutions in their companies an educational campaign “Smart Latvia” has been launched by the Latvian Information and Communication Technology Association, along with number of its partners.

Within the scope of the campaing the Digital Maturity Test has been intruduced that helps every Latvian business executive assess their company’s digital maturity.  

 This activity is supported by the DigiBEST project "Digital Transformation of the Business Environment" that currently is promoted as one of the best practices in the field of digital transformation of SMEs and is implemented by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development of Latvia.

The test is designed in a simple way where the business manager needs to evaluate at what extent IT solutions are used to manage the core functions of a business/company. After completing the test, the company manager receives not only an in-depth assessment and an opportunity to benchmark with competitors in the industry, but also recommendations on what IT solutions could be implemented within the company.  

The Digital Maturity Test was also available to the participants of the recent Innovation Week of Vidzeme conference whereas participants had the opportunity to complete the Digital Maturity Test on the spot, receiving instant results via email!