DIGITAL REGIONS lead partner ERNACT (Ireland) has participated today in Interreg Europe's 'Europe, let's cooperate!' big annual event.

ERNACT Programme Manager Dr Margaret Quinn has been one of the guest speakers of the 'Research and innovation paving the way for the future' online session, in which DIGITAL REGIONS project's good practices have been highlighted, which aim to impact regional policies to adopt Industry 4.0 for their Digital Transformation. "Industry 4.0 is doing a lot towards green growth, I welcome the concept of Industry 5.0, presented to a wider ecosystem", has mentioned Margaret.

364 people across Europe have listened to Margaret and the rest of guest speakers talking about the roles of regional policies for Smart Specialisation Strategies for sustainable and inclusive growth, Industry 5.0 and European Digital Innovation Hubs. "EDIHs are key resources between local ecosystems and other hubs across Europe. I'm very optimistic about the impact this is going to have for SMEs", she has added.