DIGITAL REGIONS partners have developed eight Regional Action Plans (RAPs) inspired by the expertise and good practices shared with each other. Partners from the Faculty of Electrotechnics Engineering (University of Ljubljana) have developed their RAP with the input of the Government Office for Digital Transformation, Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, based on the knowledge and experience gained from examples of good practices from three partners:

  • CIEBI - Centro de Inovação Empresarial da Beira Interior that shared 'Portugal i4.0 - Portugal's national strategy for digitising industry' good practice, the Portuguese strategy to develop industry in the digital area to put Portugal at the forefront of the 4th Industrial Revolution.
  • Hof University (Germany) with the 'Co-learning Lab' good practice, a lab that uses various methods, tools and workshops; North Bavarian companies are offered an uncomplicated introduction to the world of digitisation.
  • Swiss Smart Factory that organised the 'Industry 4.0 and Open Platform for Adoption from Digital Innovation' workshop in Switzerland, a channel for technology adoption that coordinates the collaboration between technology, service providers and technology end-users.

The main action of this RAP will be 'Digital Slovenia – EDIH (E DIGITAL INNOVATION HUB)'. "We will develop concepts and apply the methodologies and approaches used in the above examples of good practice to develop EDIH consortium that will consist of the key players in Slovenia when it comes to digital transformation of the industry", explain our Slovenian partners. This service has been co-designed by existing entrepreneur supporting initiatives companies, educational institutions, and national policy makers.

University of Ljubljana will address the 'Digital Slovenia 2030' policy instrument in this RAP. This development strategy will set out in greater detail the strategic directions in the digitalisation of society for the coming period. The main objective of the Digital Slovenia 2030 Strategy is to improve Slovenia’s ranking according to the Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI). EDIH will represent one of the possible mechanisms to overcome challenges and issues described in that Strategy as well as to use the potential of digitalization for the future development of industry and companies. Its aim is to empower companies in digital domains.

Find here the Regional Action Plan.