Did you know that Switzerland is defined as an Innovation Leader, performing more than 40% above the EU average? (RIS 2019). The Swiss region Espace Mittelland is positioned rank 17 across all European regions and the Canton of Bern has specified companies in manufacturing like the watch and precision industry.

In this context, DIGITAL REGIONS partners from Swiss Smart Factory, Switzerland Innovation Park Biel / Bienne, are also working in the implementation of the Regional Action Plan (RAP) that they have recently developed. The main action of their RAP is 'Network of Networks for the Digital Transformation / Industry 4.0', which means to be a platform where the existing innovation initiatives can present themselves and provide an transparent overview of the available offers. It shall provide a better understanding for SMEs to find the right support. Further, the initiatives shall be able to increase visibility and to position themselves better through the network of networks. Complementary services can be also identified and a good competition between existing initiatives is stimulated.

The inspiration to develop the Swiss RAP comes from three different European countries: 'Industry 4.0 – A region is on its way' workshop organised by Hof University (Germany); CASE SME Innovation Engagement Model good practice from the IT Sligo Institute of Technology (Ireland) and Portugal i4.0 - Portugal's national strategy for digitising industry good practice from Ministério da Economia e da Transição Digital (Portugal)

Read the Regional Action Plan.

Image by Swiss Smart Factory, Switzerland Innovation Park Biel / Bienne.