Daniela Copaci | DIGITAL REGIONS Project Manager

The DIGITAL REGIONS, or 'Regional policies adopting Industry 4.0 for their Digital Transformation' project, has concluded the inter-regional learning and transfer of practices between the eight European regions involved. This process has created the basis of the Regional Action Plans' development, which reflect how the lessons learnt and exchange of experience from the interregional cooperation will be exploited in order to improve the Regional Policy Instruments.

With the DIGITAL REGIONS project, the eight European regions that are working together (Border, Midland & Wester region in Ireland, Centro in Portugal, Cantabria in Spain, Bern in Switzerland, Bavaria in Germany, Ljubljana in Slovenia, West Romania and Varna in Bulgaria) have addressed a common challenge: how to best adapt innovation policies to support the manufacturing sector as a result of the emergence of Industry 4.0 (I4.0).

Get inspired with the Regional Action Plans developed by project partners.