DIGITAL REGIONS project partners are currently implementing their Regional Action Plans (RAP) to best adapt innovation policies to support the manufacturing sector as a result of the emergence of Industry 4.0. This week we speak with the Project Leader Daniela Copaci, ERNACT Programme Manager, to find out more about the status of the implementation of the RAP for the Border & Midland Region of Ireland and next steps.

What is the main action of your Regional Action Plan?

Tha main action is a regional capacity building that will better develop the ability of manufacturing businesses to appreciate the business benefits of Industry 4.0. It also includes an I4.0 strategy to introduce it into production and business operations. In addition, the stakeholders in the project will play an important role. We will include the regional I4.0 innovation actors who form the DIGITAL REGIONS regional stakeholder group in this programme that combines technology diffusion, skills development for industrial transition and university-industry collaboration.

What will your organisation achieve with its implementation?

This action is intended to increase the understanding and capacity of senior management in manufacturing companies on I4.0 impact and benefits and to enable them to build I4.0 strategies. Its impact is envisaged as increasing the number of businesses engaging on I4.0 in the region, and undertaking I4.0 innovation projects as typically, senior management are key decision makers on new innovation undertakings.

What are going to be the next steps during the following months of the project until the end of Phase 2?

As foreseen in the calendar of the action plan, a proposal for funding the action will be developed for the new operational programme 2021-20127 in the second quarter of 2023.

Would you like to add any other relevant information?

The action will also build on the regional stakeholder group of DIGITAL REGIONS to create a regional innovation ecosystem for advanced manufacturing which in itself will strenthen the regions' capacity for industrial transition.


 Photo: Innovation at Wisar Lab, a regional stakeholder.