DIGITAL REGIONS, 'Regional policies adopting Industry 4.0 for their Digital Transformation', project partners are currently implementing their Regional Action Plans (RAP) to best adapt innovation policies to support the manufacturing sector as a result of the emergence of Industry 4.0. This week we speak with Katrin Müller, Network Manager at Hochschule Hof, University of Applied Sciences (Germany).

What is the main action of your Regional Action Plan?

The project Moonrise brings together 15 SMEs and two universities from two neighbouring federal states – an unusual constellation due to administrative borders. On top of that, our actions are:

  • Funding innovation in the Kronach region
  • Consolidating the RSG

What will your organisation achieve with its implementation?

The partners are working together on furthering the digitalisation of the participating SMEs (both manufacturers and IT service providers), using an open collaboration concept. The main goals are creating concepts for the implementation of digital solutions in manufacturing and lessons learned to be disseminated.

What are going to be the next steps during the following months of the project until the end of Phase 2?

Among them, attend and participate in the DIGITAL REGIONS final dissemination event and Moonrise events. In addition, Kronach action continues with events and matchmaking and we are working on new ways for consolidating the stakeholder group via regional networks and projects.

Would you like to highlight some unforeseen results?

Open collaboration needs time to grow together alongside the daily business of the participants. The measures that have been decided on are now being implemented step by step. Definitively, the keys to success were taking time and starting to work on the very basics of digitalisation.

Find here the Regional Action Plan.