IMC Weekend School is a good example for stimulating an entrepreneurial mindset in youngsters according to the E-COOL project. Last Thursday, February 4, E-COOL online workshop about entrepreneurship was open to an international audience of education and entrepreneurship professionals throughout Europe. The Dutch project partner Hanze University of Applied Sciences presented this best practice together with Alfa-college and IMC Weekend School.

Stichting IMC Weekend School aims to prepare young people aged 10-14 of all school levels for wholeheartedly taking up their roles in society. In long-term programs, guest teachers (volunteers) from a variety of backgrounds introduce students into their worlds. Guest lecturers not only relate their profession, but also their experiences and the choices they have made in their lives. The IMC Weekend School organisation has 58 branches in the Netherlands, specifically in areas where additional education is most needed. There are four locations in the Northern Netherlands, the region which is represented by Hanze UAS and Alfa-college in the E-COOL project.

IMC Weekend School is an example for European regions to stimulate an entrepreneurial attitude in youngsters. The organisation collaborates closely with mainstream education. By involving local and national (financial) partners, they increase the future prospects of a large number of children as well as the educational system.

Dr. Alexander Grit of the professorship Entrepreneurship in Transition of Hanze University of Applied Sciences and Alfa-college in Groningen and Heleen Terwijn, founder and director of Stichting IMC Weekend School showed the partners and their stakeholders from ten different European Regions the concept and its impact, in the context of the E-COOL project about entrepreneurial mindset in young people through education.

Masterclass presenting at the IMC Weekendschool by writer and television presenter Arjen Lubach
Photo: Lyuda Stinissen / LSfotografie