6th peer review was held in Koprivnica via an online platform during the COVID-19 pandemic. During peer review, Koprivnica presents examples of electromobility infrastructure that is implemented in the city. The city of Koprivnica and the Regional energy agency North have developed and installed a system of charging stations mounted on the street light poles in Koprivnica.

Peer review started at 9:00 with a Welcome and short introduction. After that, measures for promoting e-mobility in small and mid-sized cities are presented as well as plans for charging infrastructure in small and mid-sized cities form a public authority perspective. Peer review ended at 12:15 PM.

participants with the expansion of the number of electric vehicles in Koprivnica, and Croatia and Europe, in general, there is an increased need for reliable, accessible, and cost-effective charging infrastructure. The main premise that led the representatives of the above-mentioned organisations was the fact that people living in a multi-storey building, and those representing a large number of the housing units in Koprivnica do not have adequate access to the “slow charging” facilities.

Therefore, an idea was developed to mount and install AC charges on street light poles located in neighbourhoods with multi-storey buildings and by that, allow the citizens to charge their vehicles overnight since they do not have the same possibilities as single home owners. Also, the second premise was to use the existing infrastructure and make the whole process more cost-effective.