6th partner meeting was helded in  in Leipzig, which took place from June 27, 2022, until June 28, 2022. This was the first contact meeting of the partners after the meeting in Kozani, Greece in February 2020. The meeting discussed the project activities in the last semester as well as the next phase of the project, which is related to the implementation of the developed policies for the promotion of electromobility.

Each partner briefly presented their action plan and preparedness for the second phase of the project, which will begin in the seventh semester of the project, i.e., from 01.09.2022. Also, the E-MOB: Lessons Learnt Guideline" publication was presented. That guideline contributes to planning and implementing concrete measures and projects in the field of e-mobility, bringing tangible results to the participating regions.  In addition to the meeting, all those present could try driving an electric bus, which is also one of the examples of good practices in the development of electric public transport with the aim of reducing harmful carbon dioxide emissions.

What needs to be emphasized is that all participants of the meeting received instructions on how to get to the place where the meeting is by public transport, as well as instructions on how to use the so-called 9-euro tick, which is a ticket that allows the use of integrated public transport.