The first staff exchange for e-MOPOLI project will take place in Bucharest for 3 working days starting on September the 18th. The activities will engage our project partners to learn by doing in the sector of best practices selected. 

1st day

Renovatio Mobility – Renovatio Mobility is a young and dynamic company developed from passion for renewable energy and innovative technologies. They are pioneers in the renewable industry in our country by developing the first wind and photovoltaic parks. They have created the first national fast-charging network for electrical vehicles in Romania. 

APIA – Automotive Manufacturers and Importers Association - gathers the most important companies operating in the automotive industry: manufacturers, importers of motor vehicles, as well as other reputed companies acting in the field of spare parts, accessories or lubricants. Starting with 1996, APIA is a full right member of the International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers – OICA, forum of the world motor vehicle manufacturers. 

PORSCHE ROMANIA – the largest automotive importer in Romania and the general importer of Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, and Skoda. The group's electric mobility strategy, Roadmap E, is the largest in the automotive industry.

In 2015, Porsche Romania sells its first electric car, a Volkswagen e-Golf, and mounts its first fast-forward electric power station at the headquarters, announcing the start of a new era in the automotive industry. Porsche Romania aims to sell 12,000 electric vehicles per year by 2025, also involved in the development of charging station infrastructure.

2nd day

TMC Electric Mobility – E-mobility mission in Romania was to be actively contributing to the development of electro-mobility in Romania by putting into operation an infrastructure dedicated to the charging of electric vehicles and hybrid plug-in and the supply of electric vehicles on two wheels. They offer a wide range of products and services in terms of electric and hybrid vehicle charging stations, many of them unique on the Romanian market. 

The Ministry of Energy – The Ministry of Energy is responsible for policy preparation in the field of energy and renewable energy in our country. They developed and monitor the fulfilment of Romania’s energy strategy. This strategy aims to create a “clean” energy system by reducing greenhouse gases by promoting energy from renewable sources. 

Bucharest City Hall – Intercommunity Development Association for Public Transport Bucharest has as main purpose the establishment, organization, regulation, operation, monitoring and joint management of the local public transport service in the Bucharest – Ilfov region. Moreover it envisages the implementation of the measures adopted by all local authorities in the region which are included in the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan.

3rd day

Flow – Flow is a ride-sharing company of electric trotters that currently owns a fleet of over 1000 such trotters and over 124 charging points. Flow uses XIAOMI M365 branded trolley with a 30 km battery life and dual braking system. Flow was the first Romanian ride-sharing of electric trotters. 

Get Pony – Get Pony is the largest car sharing service in Romania. Shared use of cars is a smart, economical and sustainable alternative to urban travel, helping to reduce pollution and improve urban transport. With the GetPONY application, users open any car in the fleet directly with the phone and at the end pay only the time spent driving. 

Bucharest City Hall – Metropolitan Area Intercommunity Development Association aims to prepare and promote at all levels projects for regional development of common interest for Bucharest and Ilfov county in the fields of social services, transport, environment, business environment and tourism. In addition, it has the primary objective of obtaining funding for the development of project to improve the regional transport, environment and public utilities infrastructure.