Between 13th and 15th April 2021 the 9th Project Learning Process Meeting organized by the LP, Province of Brescia, took place online. The meeting consisted of the International Learning Workshop (ILW9), the Round Table (RT9), the International Field Visit (IFV9) and the Staff Exchange (SE6). In the mornig of April 13th, the ILW and RT took place with the participation of Lombardy Region's Managing Authority of the ROP ERDF 2014-2020 and the presentation of Province of Brescia's Feasibility Study and Regional Action Plan. Then, experts presented their point of view and experience on governance, policies and initiatives related to sustainable and alternative fuel mobility. the workshop was followed by the Round Table where interregional, regional and local stakeholders discussed on three levels, Policy and Governance, Market take up and Innovation Strategies related to sustainable mobility. In the afternoon, during the international field visit (online), local stakeholders, FNM Group and Navigazione Lago Iseo, presented their project on alternative fuel and sharing mobility and hybrid and electric boats project in Iseo respectively.

On April 14th and 15th the Staff Exchange took place with many local stakeholders active in the field of alternative fuel mobility presented their activities on the ground. In particular, GardaUno Spa focused on e-mobility, RES integration and multimodality, A2A on the e-MOVING project car sharing in Brescia, SCAME PARRE Spa on its e-mobility products and projects while ROBBY MOTO ENGINEERING SRL on e-vehicles components.

The meeting was fruitful and feedbacks from both project partners and participants were very positive.