[NEWS] Latvia will produce an off-road e-scooter

A military e-scooter named “Mosphera”, has been developed, designed and manufactured in Latvia, and will be available soon for individuals and companies.

 “Mosphera” is an electric scooter that has been developed, designed, and manufactured in Latvia, focusing on the wide world market. The military scooter will also be available for personal use, production will begin in January 2021, and the first models will reach customers in April 2021.

The project idea was created in cooperation with the Liepaja Smart and Green Technology Cluster, creating the first prototype for civilian needs. However, previous participation in the development of battery solutions for a military project allowed to adapt this unique electric scooter to military, border guard and police needs in the European Union and NATO member states with the support of the Cluster of Security and Defense of Latvia.

The use is wide - these universal electric scooters can be used both for patrolling and for the internal mobility of military bases and temporary airports. The scooter is also functional - it will be possible to connect a specially equipped trailer with a high load capacity to move people and equipment.

One of the most important elements of electric vehicles is the distance that can be covered on a single charge. “Mosphera” scooter’s full battery can cover 100 kilometers, but it is possible to add another battery of the same size, doubling the possible mileage with one charge.

Although “Mosphera” was created with military needs in mind, it will also be available to individuals and companies. Farmers from Latvia and other European countries have already shown great interest in the universal electric scooter. Compared to conventional electric scooters, the “Mosphera's” performance is much higher, with a corresponding price level. The civil scooter costs 7,500 euros, but it is available for pre-orders for 5,000 euros. More information about the unique electric scooter Mosphera can be found on its website mosphera.com.

Regarding Zemgale - In Zemgale region there are 52nd Battle Support Battalion of the National Guard, 51st Infantry Battalion of the National Guard, 53rd Infantry Battalion of the National Guard, 55th Infantry Battalion of the National Guard and 56th Security Battalion of the National Guard. This means that the units deployed in Zemgale will be able to improve their mobility soon with environmentally friendly and modern equipment, which will also increase the overall defense capabilities.

As there is a lot of high-quality agricultural land in Zemgale and “Mosphera” will also produce agricultural electrical scooters, the interest in the new technology in Zemgale region could be high among farmers and agricultural enterprises as well.