Electric mobility, YES! Still, how to tackle green energy generation?

BSC, Ltd., Kranj, RDA of Gorenjska has been with the help of an expert preparing 3 educational presentations on Energy sector demand and objectives for the transition to green mobility in Slovenia. The activity is a part of INTERREG Alpine Space project e-SMART.

The presentation Electricity supply and green transition offers an overview of the CO2 emissions per capita in European countries, their main sources and the level of development. It addresses commitments to reduce CO2 emissions in electric energy generation and requirements for a stable source of power. In Slovenia was, in 2020, 25% of electric energy generated from RES. The commitment by 3030 is to reach 37% RES for energy generation. How much would it cost to reach the 37% RES and what would this mean for our competitiveness in the global market? Is it feasible to reach a carbon neutral society till 2050 and can there also be negative side effects? What is required to match RES and consumption?

If you are curious to finding some answers to these questions take a look at the presentation.