Last week, the Government of Flanders published a tender for the deployment of publicly accessible charging infrastructure for about 300 municipalities in Flanders Region. In the summer, a minimum of two Charge Point Operators (CPOs) will be selected to deploy about 10 000 charging point equivalents the coming two years. Charging points will be deployed based on local charging needs, requests from citizens and companies and suggestions by municipalities. In addition, car sharing and taxi companies will be able to request charging points for specific use by electric shared cars and taxi’s. With the deployment, the Flemish Government contributes to the policy goal of 35 000 charging point equivalents in 2025. Besides the tender, Flanders stimulates the deployment of publicly accessible charging points on private domain through regular project calls. At the same time, fast charging infrastructure will be deployed every 25km on the main roads in Flanders.

At the moment, Flanders has a total of 12 823 publicly accessible charging points, of which about 50% on private and 50% on public domain.