Solar power will be an important contribution in rigging infrastructure that can provide power to electric aircrafts. The goal is that the world's first commercial route with electrified aircraft will run between Stavanger and Bergen in 2026.

One of Norway's largest ground-mounted photovoltaic system recently opened at Stavanger Airport, Sola. The new solar power system is part of the major investment in, among other things, solar energy, battery storage and smart control systems in the project Elnett21.

Because if it’s two intersecting runways the airport holds large areas of land that can’t be used for i.e. housing development or food production. However, the land areas are very suitable for energy production.

This is the first part of a larger energy investment, and more solar panels will be installed at the airport.


The ground-mounted photovoltaic system covers a total area of over 10. 000 square meters and consist of 1780 panels. Expected annual production is 800 MWh, which is equivalent to 800 flights with a nine-seater electric aircraft to Bergen.

The price tag on the facility is NOK 13 million. Given an electricity price of NOK 2.5 per KWh, the repayment period will be 6.5 years.

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Photo: Elnett 21