Regional Development Agency of Gorenjska, BSC, Ltd, Kranj with the stakeholder from the Ministry of Infrastructure attended the final event of e-MOPOLI in Brescia, Italy, where they met the Norwegian stakeholder from Kolumbus AS and discussed new opportunities for cooperation in the field of electrification of water transport in Slovenia.

The final e-MOPOLI event, organised on the 13th of July 2022, was an opportunity to meet with the partners of the project and their stakeholders.

Regional Development Agency of Gorenjska, BSC, Ltd, Kranj has within the network of ReMOBIL Regional Mobility Centers, which are in the process of establishment, agreed with Development Centre Koper to support them in the electrification of water transport from Slovenia to Italy. Knowing the good practices of sea transport electrification in Rogaland, Norway, BSC, Ltd, Kranj seased the opportunity to discuss the potential for cooperation with a representative of Rogaland mobility provider Kolumbus. Since the Ministry of Infrastructure sighned a tripartite agreement with neighbouring countries to establish a hydrogen valley and the area of Koper is one of the locations of the hydrogen valley, the option of researching the potential of using hydrogen as fuel for commercial water transport between Slovenia and Italy in cooperation with the Norvegian partners, has been discussed as well. We are now planning further meetings to connect the relevant stakeholders in order to pave the path for concrete cooperation and implementation of innovative solutions.