Regional Development Agency of Gorenjska, BSC, Ltd, Kranj with the municipalities in Gorenjska statistical region is planning a testing of the e-vans, starting from the European mobility week 2022 on.

The European mobility week will be initiating numerous activities promoting sustainable mobility in Gorenjska. Usually activities are organised by municipalities, but after some years, this year BSC, Ltd, Kranj is engaging in the promotional activities again, among which is also testing of 9 seat e-vans. The wish is to excite municipalities about e-mobility to the point of planning a transition from interal combustion engine vehicles to e-vehicles. While, smaller battery e-vehicles (BEVs) are already used by the public administration, there is stil a lack of e-buses, e-mini buses and e-vans.

The transition to bigger BEVs is a lengthly process. A municipality needs to develop a business model, find financing resources, set up an adequate charging infrastructure, possibly with electricity generation from renewable energy sources and maybe even purchase an energy storage system, if wanting to support the grid or have a bigger control over the source of electricity generation. The biggest obstacles are finances and setting up a sustainable business model that will work in rural areas. Another challenge is, nowdays, a delivery period for BEVs or even renting e-vans due to the lack of offer. Therefor, with the exception of city municipalities, there aren't a lot of municipalities that are planning a complete transition of public transport to BEVs or H2 for that matter.

At the BSC, Ltd, Kranj, we are planning a set of activities to support municipalities with the transition to alternative fuel mobility.