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e-smartec: Newsletter #5 is out!


From our e-course hosted by the Rupprecht Mobility Academy to our participation...

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2nd Stakeholders Meetings in our Regions


To continue the amazing work that had been done in the frame of the 1st...

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2 webinars for the end of Phase 1!


As part of the e-smartec project, POLIS Network organises a series of webinars...

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Fall events featuring e-smartec? We got you!


Apart from the "usual suspects" e-smartec has been featured in a couple of...

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Results from the survey on cycling in Rome


Surveying citizens' opinions is essential in our project, especially in the...

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How to build the engagement strategy of a SUMP


“Build the engagement strategy of a SUMP” is a six-unit e-smartec MOOC e-course...

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Wrapping up the ICTR 2021 e-smartec workshop


The project e-smartec participated to the 10th International Congress on...

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e-smartec: Newsletter #4 is out!


The fourth e-smartec newsletter is finally available! From our capacity...

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Results from the Venlo survey are IN!


How to move in Venlo and the surrounding villages? Read the results of the...

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Building Capacity with Hands-on Trainings


Within Task 1.3, Partner Roma Servizi per la Mobilità has organised hands-on...

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Promoting cycling in Rome


Like many cities across Europe and beyond, the Italian capital of Rome is...

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Asking the people - Bratislava's survey


The Bratislava region is organising a survey on population participation in...

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