The Action Plan from Bratislava's Self-governing region aims to facilitate the implementation of the planned activities as part of regional SUMP, raising public awareness about sustainable urban transport systems and increasing public transport usage in the region. 

The Bratislava Self-governing region belongs to places with the highest number of vehicles per capita. Its Action Plan seeks to tackle various transport-related issues, namely:

  • Low share of public transport
  • Insufficiently developed railway infrastructure
  • Congestions on the roads impacting the reliability of bus transport. 

The inspiration for the design of its Action Plan comes from the Operational Programme Slovakia 2021- 2027 policy document, as well as the exchanges with one of its primary stakeholders, the Integrated Transport Company (Bratislavská integrovaná doprava).

This Action Plan centers around one key objective, which is the "Establishment of awareness-raising activities for extending and promoting the use of public transport among citizens and daily commuters to the Bratislava region".

To do so, they will undertake the following three specific actions:

ACTION 1: Student competition.

This action seeks to reach school pupils as a target group to inform them about the opportunities and benefits of sustainable transport use in the region and to support their interest in these forms of transportation. Moreover, it also aims to collect innovative ideas from students, rewarding the best with prizes such as annual passes for public transport.

Current status

On 17 June 2022, Bratislava held a joint event with two secondary schools and one kindergarten from the region, reaching a total of 126 students of different age groups.

The event consisted in providing short lectures to the students on themes related to public transport as a key contributor for urban sustainability, coupled with a competition that had the aim of engaging students with the discussed topics. The activities took place according to plan and were a resounding success in informing the students about sustainable transport.

ACTION 2: Panel meetings with citizens

This activity aims to increase citizens' and commuters' engagement in transport-related discussions using dialogue marketing and public consultation methods to identify under what conditions they would be willing to use more public transport and what factors prevent citizens from using public transport and shared transport services in the Bratislava region.


ACTION 3: Car-free streets event

This action aspires to ban Senec's city centre to private cars to allow citizens to walk, cycle, organise events, and network activities. The Self-governing region will also advertise new planned sustainable mobility solutions for the Senec area and the whole region.

For more detailed information about the BSK Action Plan, check e-smartec's online library here

Picture backdrop by Jorge Franganillo, Flickr.